Castle Crash 2.0

Castle Crash Meetup 2.0

Sept 1-4th 2023 

Eastwind Castle, 527 Johnston Hwy, Trenton South Carolina 29847


Come to the FPV Festival in a medieval village!

Special Guests:







Get Tickets:

Full Passes: (includes camping and flying)

Pilots Tickets - $50

Junior Pilot - $30

Spectator (Just Camping) - $20

Junior Spectator (Just Camping) - $15

Day Passes:

Pilot for a day - $25

Junior Pilot for a day - $15

Spectator for a day - $15


Cabins (sold out) - $125

 There's plenty of hotels nearby in Trenton or Aiken, SC



12:30 - Quick Draw Challenge, no balloons will escape. Single Elimination Tournament. TheCastle

3:30 - Obstacle Course: In the Village, trickier and tighter than last year's. 3 Tries to fly.

6:30 - Kong Spin Cage Challenge (Ken Heron has been practicing) - Center Village

After Dark - Prop Changing Contest - Whoops in the Mead Hall


12:30 - Arrow Chase at the Castle

3:30 - 4 Wide Drag Races - at the Castle

6:30 - Dive of Death Challenge - Enter the Arena: Dive from the treetops and pop the balloon without crashing out. Center Village

After Dark - Light Painting Contest - Get Lit with LED's. Bring your brightest quads to fly till dusk and you'll be seeing trails. Submit your best light paintings via the discord to win even more LED's from Fly High FPV! At the Castle


10AM till Dark - MotoX Field Trip - Turkey Creek MX   

188 Morgan Bussey Rd, EdgeField, SC 29824

12:30 - Race Track in the BackWoods (all day)

3:30 - 

6:30 - Game of Qwad at the Castle

After Dark - Best Rip contest: Go Forth, Explore, Bring Back a One Pack Edit, projected on screen and crowd voted (submit to DJ Booth before Sunday at 5PM)


Numerous on site challenges for prizes


Pilot Playback: Submit your videos to the Castle Crash discord so we can watch together on the big projection screen.


Moto Cross Chasing - Sunday 



Builder's Benches:

Work benches with master builders on hand to help, work together to fix your busted drones and troubleshoot those gremlins. Sharing tools, hardware, and knowledge to help pilots get back in the air!


Parts SwapMeet:

Bring your old, unused gear to the swap meet! You can list it for sale, or give it to a pilot in need. We'll even have a donation bucket that goes straight to the builder's benches to get someone back in the air!


3 Flight Lines:

The Castle - A Castle in a meadow with a few separated trees

The Village - Vendor Stalls, The Cage, the Mead Hall, The Blacksmith (repair benches), archery range, and Ye Ole Pisser

A Run through the woods - Race Track in the forest

Tinywhoops rule the night


Drone requirements:

  1. All Pilots must be able to change their video channel and complete a failsafe check. Full power transmission allowed.
  2. All digital 25Mb or 10 MHz or lower.
  3. Check in at each Flight line required before plugging in, to get channel assignment.
  4. All Drones must be checked in with the Drone Master Prior to Events (see Lady FPv or Cptn Collin)
  5. The Castle- ODD Channels
  6. Village- Even Channels
  7. BackWoods- Odd Channels

When can I fly?

Check in with our Drone Master when you get here to get your quads approved before you fly. We want everyone on Raceband or a digital equivalent. Full power 200-1200mw is fine, but please be sure your bitrate is set to 25mbps or 10Mhz, to keep everyone on the same channel map. Analog pilots should have Smart Audio Setup before the event, so here's Joshua Bardwell to show you how to setup Smart Audio.

When you're ready to fly, please visit a flight line before you plug in to get your channel assignment.  There's a board where you can claim your channel, and we'll be flying 4 at a time.


RaceBand 1 3 5 7 are the Odd Channels, we'll be using Odds at The Castle and the BackWoods Race Course in the back of the property.

Raceband 2 4 6 8 are the Even Channels, we'll be using Evens at the Medieval Village

We will be closing and opening flight lines around the events of the day, so be sure you check in, before you plug in. There is plenty of time for free flight!




Fresh Food and Drinks at Vixens

On-Site short order kitchen with the food drone pilots crave, serving food all day.




Fly High FPV - Highest Quality Drone Parts and 3D Printing. On site to answer questions, help you find the right parts, talk about 3d printing or whatever. I'll have a big battery charging station to refill your packs!

Team Drone Adventures - NVS FPV


Worry Free FPV - Brandan FPV



What was Castle Crash 1.0?

(click the images to go to Youtube)



Castle Crash Society Directors:

UnklStewys - Founder of Castle Crash - the man giving the Mostest 

RicanDragon FPV - Graphics and artwork and organization

Fly High FPV - Giving Away LED's + Rolling Papers, RVS Mopax5 Frame, and HAKRC 30Amp ESC

BobNoxiusRX - 12PackADayHabit Zombie Frame with Green+Purple Multicolor Prints

ZBones - Bringer of Noise - DJ, mixmaster, and organizer!


FlyAwayFPV - Prototype Frame and HQProps

Sponsors + Prizes:

Wood Chuck FPV - Giving away frames!


Bill's House of Drones - Giving Away 2 Frames , Fully decked out with 3D Prints and Holographic skins - DQuad Obsession + DQuad Addiction

WorryFreeFPV - Brandan_FPV Giving away WorryFreeFPV to the first 100 attendees and giving away a bonus tube with every Kit purchased.

12PackADayHabit - Giving away Zombie Frame




Team Abso - Daddy_Loves_Quads + MambaFPV - Giving away an ABSO Frame




Ground Control Lady FPV and Petrol - SkyYacht




Uncle Curtis @LVXAER with Dad's Elixir 10x 500mg bottles ;) and Gummies and a big pile of props 5 and 7" props!



8Bit_FPV  - 2x SKRCH Frames

TheCrew and Creeper FPV - 2x $50 Giftcards for


 FPV Lux 

FlyTribe Magazine


Camera Butter - Giving away 4 Motors,$100 Giftcard, anda full set of ND Filters!


TrueRC - Giving away a box full of Antennas!


We Bleed FPV! - 40 Gates and a bunch of swag!


BetaFPV Pavo Pico Quad (everything but the 03!), 10 Pavo Pico Frames, 15 Meteor65 Frames, 10 Meteor75 Pro Frames, Props and More!

T-Motor Giving away Motors, Electronics, swag and more!

Gemfan Hobby Giving away sooo many props!

HQProp That's right, even more props!

China Hobby Line - Giving away batteries and being sold on site via FlyHighFPV


Emax - USA Giving away 8x Freestyle Motors, and lots of Avan Props


Team Black Sheep Giving away $200 of prizes!

Radio Master - Giving away 2x Radio Master Pockets + ELRS Receivers, and tons of accessories and swag!


And Many more sponsors are being added to the list: if you'd like to sponsor, please reach out to @FlyHighFPV on Instagram or Facebook Messenger