Details 2024

Castle Crash 3D

Aug 30 - Sept 2

Eastwind Castle, 527 Johnston Hwy, Trenton South Carolina 29847


Come to the FPV Festival in a medieval village!





 There's plenty of hotels nearby in Trenton or Aiken, SC

The closest major airports are Augusta and Columbia, but Aiken Regional is 8 miles away if you've got your own plane ;)


Builder's Benches:

Work benches with master builders on hand to help, work together to fix your busted drones and troubleshoot those gremlins. Sharing tools, hardware, and knowledge to help pilots get back in the air!


Parts SwapMeet:

Bring your old, unused gear to the swap meet! You can list it for sale, or give it to a pilot in need. We'll even have a donation bucket that goes straight to the builder's benches to get someone back in the air!


3 Flight Lines:

The Castle - A Castle in a meadow with a few separated trees

The Village - Vendor Stalls, The Cage, the Mead Hall, The Blacksmith (repair benches), archery range, and Ye Ole Pisser

A Run through the woods - Race Track in the forest

Tinywhoops rule the night



Fresh Food and Drinks at Vixens

On-Site short order kitchen with the food drone pilots crave, serving food all day.




Fly High FPV - Highest Quality Drone Parts and 3D Printing. On site to answer questions, help you find the right parts, talk about 3d printing or whatever. I'll have a big battery charging station to refill your packs!

Team Drone Adventures - NVS FPV

Worry Free FPV - Brandan FPV



Castle Crash Society Directors:

UnklStewys - Founder of Castle Crash - the man giving the Mostest 

RicanDragon FPV - Graphics and artwork and organization

Fly High FPV - Giving Away LED's + Rolling Papers


ZBones - Bringer of Noise - DJ, mixmaster, and organizer!