Events 2024


Bring your Event Pass to every event and get it punched to win tickets for the bonus raffle during Sunday night ceremony. The more events and side quests you complete, the more chances to win.


9:30-11:30 Setup your Quad for 3D with Zoe! Join us at the build tables and get ready to turn your world upsidedown (You've been practicing 3D on the Sims, and at home...right?)

12:30 - Quick Draw Challenge, no biodegradable balloons will escape. Single Elimination Tournament. TheCastle

3:30 - Running The Guantlet: In the Village, Shooting Gallery

6:30 - Kong Spin, Now in 3D - Center Village

After Dark - Prop Changing Contest - Whoops in the Mead Hall


12:30 - Quad Drag Races (Regular and upsidedown) - at the Castle

3:30 - Dive of Death Challenge - Enter the Arena: Dive from the treetops and pop the balloon without crashing out. Center Village

After Dark - Light Painting Contest - Get Lit with LED's. Bring your brightest quads to fly till dusk and you'll be seeing trails. Submit your best light paintings via the discord to win even more LED's from Fly High FPV! In the Arena


Field Trips - Hit up a local spot, you got the pin?

7PM Award Ceremony and Prizes


Breakfast at Vixens and Packout




Complete Side Quests for prizes:


3D Inverted Perch

Ken Heron's Boing Boing:

Disarm mid-air, bounce on the trampoline, and rearm. Show us video proof to enter the challenge.

Eat a whole Quad Burger at Vixens

Power loop the Fort

Orbit the Castle

Hit all the gates in the Mead Hall

Shoot all Seven the directors (no ball shots)

Camera Butter Knife Edge

Most Power Loops of the Mead Hall in a single Pack


Pilot Playback: Submit your videos to the Castle Crash discord so we can watch together on the big projection screen.