How to Fly 2024

3 Flight Lines:

The Castle - A Castle in a meadow with a few separated trees

The Village - Vendor Stalls, The Cage, the Mead Hall, The Blacksmith (repair benches), Archery Range, and Ye Ole Pisser

The BackWoods - A Run through the woods - Race Track in the forest

Tinywhoops rule the night


Drone requirements:

  1. All Pilots must be able to change their video channel and complete a failsafe check. Full power transmission allowed.
  2. All digital 25Mb or 10 MHz or lower.
  3. Check in at each Flight line required before plugging in, to get channel assignment.
  4. All Drones must be checked in with the Drone Master Prior to Events (see Lady FPV or Cptn Collin)
  5. The Castle- ODD Channels
  6. Village- EVEN Channels
  7. BackWoods- ODD Channels

When can I fly?

Check in with our Drone Master when you get here to get your quads approved before you fly. We want everyone on Raceband or a digital equivalent. Full power 200-1200mw is fine, but please be sure your bitrate is set to 25mbps or 10Mhz, to keep everyone on the same channel map. Analog pilots should have Smart Audio Setup before the event, so here's Joshua Bardwell to show you how to setup Smart Audio. If you're running DJI, please be sure you have the FCC Hack or HAM file applied to your goggles, please ask if you're not sure what those are.

When you're ready to fly, please visit a flight line before you plug in to get your channel assignment.  There's a board where you can claim your channel, and we'll be flying up to 4 at a time.


RaceBand 1 3 5 7 are the Odd Channels, we'll be using Odds at The Castle and the BackWoods Race Course in the back of the property.

Raceband 2 4 6 8 are the Even Channels, we'll be using Evens at the Medieval Village

We will be closing and opening flight lines around the events of the day, so be sure you check in, before you plug in. There is plenty of time for free flight!