Sponsors 2023

Castle Crash Society Directors:

UnklStewys - Founder of Castle Crash - the man giving the Mostest 

RicanDragon FPV - Graphics and artwork and organization

Fly High FPV - Giving Away LED's + Rolling Papers, RVS Mopax5 Frame, and HAKRC 30Amp ESC

BobNoxiusRX - 12PackADayHabit Zombie Frame with Green+Purple Multicolor Prints

ZBones - Bringer of Noise - DJ, mixmaster, and organizer!


FlyAwayFPV - Prototype Frame and HQProps

Sponsors + Prizes:

Wood Chuck FPV - Giving away frames!


Bill's House of Drones - Giving Away 2 Frames , Fully decked out with 3D Prints and Holographic skins - DQuad Obsession + DQuad Addiction

WorryFreeFPV - Brandan_FPV Giving away WorryFreeFPV to the first 100 attendees and giving away a bonus tube with every Kit purchased.

12PackADayHabit - Giving away Zombie Frame




Team Abso - Daddy_Loves_Quads + MambaFPV - Giving away an ABSO Frame




Ground Control Lady FPV and Petrol - SkyYacht




Uncle Curtis @LVXAER with Dad's Elixir 10x 500mg bottles ;) and Gummies and a big pile of props 5 and 7" props!



8Bit_FPV  - 2x SKRCH Frames

TheCrew and Creeper FPV - 2x $50 Giftcards for www.FlyHighFPV.com


 FPV Lux 

FlyTribe Magazine


Camera Butter - Giving away 4 Motors,$100 Giftcard, anda full set of ND Filters!


TrueRC - Giving away a box full of Antennas!


We Bleed FPV! - 40 Gates and a bunch of swag!


BetaFPV Pavo Pico Quad (everything but the 03!), 10 Pavo Pico Frames, 15 Meteor65 Frames, 10 Meteor75 Pro Frames, Props and More!

T-Motor Giving away Motors, Electronics, swag and more!

Gemfan Hobby Giving away sooo many props!

HQProp That's right, even more props!

China Hobby Line - Giving away batteries and being sold on site via FlyHighFPV


Emax - USA Giving away 8x Freestyle Motors, and lots of Avan Props


Team Black Sheep Giving away $200 of prizes!

Radio Master - Giving away 2x Radio Master Pockets + ELRS Receivers, and tons of accessories and swag!


And Many more sponsors are being added to the list: if you'd like to sponsor, please reach out to @FlyHighFPV on Instagram or Facebook Messenger