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These are great low pitch freestyle props. They feel very responsive, and are especially good on a light quad. Gemfan is working through a production problem and has issued a recall on the first batch of these props. They are remaking the molds and checking the mix of the plastic and started production again.  Gemfan has offered replacements for anyone who ordered the first batch of these props, and promised a BOGO sale to make up for it.  I'll update the listing once the details have been finalized.


I've ordered Smoke Grey and Jade Green from Gemfan, but we're waiting on the factory to make more a fresh batch. You can pre-order them now, and be first in line. 


If you order another color, I'm going to offer you smoke grey or jade green. I've left the other colors online so I can get a feel for what people like to order the most.

The more you buy, the more you save!  

Buy 10 sets of in stock props, save 5% with code:

PROPS10 $2.84

Buy 20 sets, save 10% with code:

PROPS20 $2.69

Buy 30 sets, save 15% with code:

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Gemfan Freestyle 3




Prop Dia:129mm

Center Thickness:6mm

Center Hole Dia:5mm 

Quad weight 550-650g

Recommended Motor 4S 2300-2500kv 6S 1650-1950KV

Colors: Peach Pink, Mango Yellow, Lime Green, Litchi Red, Midnight Gray