RGB LED Strips - 4mm 6S

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My latest creation is the RGB version of the LED Super bright LED Strips. These can be cut and joined every 3.3cm. They come in 1/2 Meter segments, and you can direct wire them to 6S voltage, but to get the most out of them, you'll need an addressable LED Controller Chip. The addressable chip allows BetaFlight to control the color of the LED's so you can change the color with a switch or a knob or even setup the full rainbow.

Want multiple colors at the same time? Daisy chain up to 32 of the addressable chips. I'm even making 4n1 addressable chips that will mount on 30x30 or 20x20 stacks, so you can have 4 independent zones on one quad.

These strips come pre wired with 4 wires, 24v+ and R- G- and B- The addressable LED controllers will let Betaflight do the heavy lifting, but without the chip, you could direct wire it to one of 7 color combos by enabling Green, Red, Blue, or any combination of the 3.

Betaflight can command even more colors, with hundreds of variations, hitting every color in the spectrum.

I've also got standalone controllers that work with an IR remote or BlueTooth/Wifi controlled with an app on your cell phone (Download: Magic Home from your app store). so you can setup your own custom patterns, gradual, pulsing, or strobes, or tune the lights to music or your microphone or even match visualizations with your camera. These stand alone chips can be decased and soldered up so they are reliable, waterproofable, and weigh in at less than 10 grams with a single strip.

Here's a quick tutorial:



Here's a tutorial on making a Rainbow Effect with BetaFlight and OpenTX/EdgeTX/FreedomTX



RGB Strip Voltage Range is 17-25.2v

(red and green actually produce light down at 15v, but blue wont light until 17v)

Draws 0.2amps at 25.2v and 0.02amps at 17v.

Single Chip can handle 1.5amps per color (roughly 5 strips in parallel)

4n1 Chip can handle 2amps per color, per channel, (roughly 5 strips x 4 channels)

WiFi/BlueTooth controller can handle 4amps per color (roughly 20 strips)