ToolKitRC M6D Pocket Charger - 2 Way 500W DC - Restocking

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I love this charger, 2 packs balanced at a time, fits in my pocket or my backpack, and there are tons of amps available if you want to charge fast, big batteries, or parallel charge 20 packs at once (I balance charge, not parallel ;) 

I can run this at home off the external AC power supply (when I must charge all the packs in a hurry) but I carry it in my backpack every day and charge off a large Li-ion or Lipo pack that's light weight and fits in my bag. The interface is quick and easy to use, and the airflow is well designed to keep the unit cool.

It's so convenient to be able to charge all the flight packs in a hurry, but also be able to charge the goggle battery, transmitter, and my cell phone, and put it in my pocket with my phone when I'm done.

--Fly High FPV

Official Sales Blurb:

This is the new ToolkitRC M6D dual port 500w charger, a great way to charge multiple batteries without the risk of using a parallel charging board.

The M6D is a DC charger so make sure to pickup a power supply for it from our wide variety of Power Supplies!


  • 2.4" LCD screen
  • Dual channel
  • Asynchronous and synchronous modes
  • Cell checker
  • USB 5V output


  • Input: 7-28V@MAX30A
  • Battery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion@1-6S
  •                         NiMh @1-16S Pb @1-10S
  • Bal Cur. : 800mA @2-6S
  • Accuracy: <0.005V
  • Charging Power: 0.1-15A@250W *2(Asynchronous mode)
  •                               0.1-25A@500W(Synchronous mode)
  • Discharging Power:
  • 0.1-15A@250W*2 Recycle Mode
  • 0.1-3A@12W*2 Normal Mode
  • USB: 2.1A@5V upgrade@USB3.0
  • Battery Voltage: 1.0V-5.0V @1-6S
  • Battery Internal Resistance: 1-100mR @1-6S
  • Display: LCD IPS 2.4 inch 320*240 resolution
  • Size: 98mm*68mm*35mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Size: 108.5mm*80.5mm*46mm
  • Weight: 300g


  • 1x ToolkitRC M6D Dual Channel 500W 25A DC Battery Charger