What's with the packaging?

I recycle...alot...so I reuse and cut up as much packaging as possible to get a little more life out of the mailer that was already sent by Amazon or UPS or whomever...I'd love to use 100% recycled packaging, but until I find a way, I'll keep more repurposing single use plastics.


How long will my order take?

If you ordered just parts, and no prints, then I try to ship out in stock items on the same day or next business day. If you ordered 3D prints, your whole order will hold until the prints are ready, unless you ask me for split shipping.  3D prints usually require design time, then they go into the print queue. The completed parts go to Quality Control and then pack to ship.


Can I print this thing/file you found?

Yeah, probably! I'm happy to provide print service to anyone in need.  While TPU parts are my specialty, I also have machines that print PETG, ABS, and Nylon.   Shoot me a message with a link to the file and I'll quote it for you.

Can you design a _____ for a ______, but it needs to have a ______ ;)

Sure, I love designing things, just shoot me a message via the site or Instagram to describe what you're after. I can give you a quote for the design work and/or print, so that you can checkout on my site.


What does Restocking mean?

Restocking means that I'm currently out of stock, but the item has been reordered, and I'm expecting the replacements soon. Some items tend to sell out before or shortly after they arrive (I'm looking at you TBS Tango2), so the best way to be sure you dont miss out, is to purchase an item that is restocking, reserving your hardware.  You can always cancel your order if it hasnt shipped, just message me.


What does Back Ordered mean?

BackOrdered means the manufacturer/distributor has indicated that it will be a while before I receive more of an item that's out of stock....they have been ordered, but it's going to be a wait.


Returns and Policies:

If you're having a problem with an item, please reach out, I'm always happy to help.

3D Prints, custom LED Kits, and Drone Build Services are made to order items, so I cannot accept returns (you're paying for a service). I'm happy to reprint if there are quality issues.  If a print fails, I always want to see a close up picture so I can investigate and improve my designs. 

If the requested file isnt working for what you have in mind, please let me know specific details (like "move the camera back 2mm" or "please add a ____ on it") and a picture.  I'd love to hear how I can improve the design, specifics really help me understand your needs; modifications to design come at an additional cost.

Unopened items (electronics, tools, non-3D printed parts) may be returned within 14 days of receipt, you cover the return shipping and I'll restock it for you.  Open box items can be returned with a 30% restocking fee.

USPS, GlobalPost, and UPS are responsible for delivering your packages. If your package doesnt show up when it was expected, I'd recommend checking the tracking first, and then reaching out to the carrier directly for support. You're generally unable to file a claim with the services unless it's been 30 days since the item was shipped, but before those 30 days the best solution is to contact the carrier and see if they can find or release it. INTL Packages are sometimes hung up in customs and need details of the buyer to be released. I'm unable to refund INTL packages shipped, unless the items are returned to me.

If you need a return, please contact me to discuss the issue, as I'd like to help resolve your issue. I can teach you how to use it, and I work hand in hand with the brands I sell, and can help facilitate warranty support direct from the manufacturer if you ever have a product fail. Some companies, like Team BlackSheep do their own warranty support, so they handle replacements, others...like ChinaHobbyLine allow me to file RMA's on behalf of the customer and do inhouse replacements.