GemFan 5226 Props

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These is Kabab's new creation with Gemfan, the 5.2" props with 2.6" pitch. Should be more efficient with heavier quads, I cant wait to try them.


Only Purple, Orange, and Milk are being stocked (I actually ordered these in Smoke Grey, but received these colors instead), if you order another color, I'm going to offer you these. I've left the other colors online so I can get a feel for what people like to order the most.


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Gemfan Freestyle 5226-3




Prop Dia:134.2mm

Center Thickness:6mm

Center Hole Dia:5mm 

Quad weight  700-900g   

Colors: Clear Gray, Orange, Milk White, Purple

Features: For higher cruising speed and higher efficiency on higher weight quad

Package Includes: 2CW + 2CCW props