GemFan 5226 Props

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These is Kabab's new creation with Gemfan, the 5.2" props with 2.6" pitch. They are more efficient with heavier quads, I absolutely love them. 


I've been running these on my 5" Marmotte, and they're a game changer. I loved 5.1" props, but my frame fits these big ass 5.21" ;)


 Smoke Grey in stock

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Gemfan Freestyle 5226-3




Prop Dia:134.2mm

Center Thickness:6mm

Center Hole Dia:5mm 

Quad weight  700-900g   

Colors: Clear Gray, Orange, Milk White, Purple

Features: For higher cruising speed and higher efficiency on higher weight quad

Package Includes: 2CW + 2CCW props