CNHL Green Lipo - 6S 1300mAh

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Green is the New Black!


I've been working my tail off with China Hobby Line to make the best batteries even better!


I've been testing batteries for a long time, and I've never seen a pack that could deliver this many amps and has chemistry that will hold up to continuous abuse as the CNHL Black.  I really wanted to improve that battery.


My biggest complaint about the Blacks has always been the PVC heatshrink jackets (Shiny black plastic) that crack after a that's what we're tackling first. Get rid of that and wrap the chemistry we already love in a rubber jacket #PutARubberOnIt

I have had requests to  make them lighter... but I didn't want to jack it up by trying to use lighter chemistry and end up with a pile of puffers or underperforming batteries that wouldn't push the mAh on the label....  I didn't want to lose that punch that makes the Blacks so good, so I kept the chemistry, the low price, and improved the case.

We've also got shorter balance leads, that you can tuck right into the rubber jacket while flying. Also makes a great indicator for me to know if my pack is full (balance out because I just charged it) or empty (balance tucked in because I just flew it).

Get two free XT60 Caps with every battery purchased!

Leave a note telling me what color caps you'd like or you'll get a random variety of colors.


USA + Canada Only, no INTL Shipping offered on LIPOS.


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Capacity 1300mAh
Voltage 22.2V / 6-Cell / 6S1P
Discharge Rate C Ratings are bullshit
Charge Rate 5C Max

Output Connector XT60
Balance Connector JST / XH


Want to learn about the biggest scam in Lipos? It's C-Ratings:

 Long video, but he really helps break down the science behind lipos, explaining C rates, best charging practices, and storage practices to prolong the life of your batteries.