Caddx DJI HD Micro Camera and Air Unit

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Caddx FPV Air Unit HD Digital Transmission Micro Version

Main Features:
8 Channels, 8 Drones

The Air Unit is equipped with eight frequency channels,which allows up to eight drones to fly simultaneously.

1080p Aerial Footage
The Air Unit records videos at 1080p/60fps during flight, providing pilots with smooth and clear aerial footage.  

28ms Low Latency
The CADDX Air unit transmission technology delivers a mininum end-to-end latency within 28ms and a stunning HD view. 
Embedded Remote Controller Receiver
Users can wirelessly connect their Air Unit to the D]JI FPV Remote Controller without having to purchase additional
receivers. This reduces flight preparation time significantly.

Multi-Antenna Technology
The Air Unit has two antennas, both of which are receivers and transmitters, ensuring broader signal coverage for reliable image transmission.

Item Brand: CADDX
Item Model: Caddx Air Unit
Weight: Air unit(camera included): 41.6g
             Antenna: 3.7g(MMCX straight);
             3.9g(MMCX elbow);
             6g(reverse polarity female SMA)
Dimensions: Air unit: 44x37.8x14.4mm
                   Camera: 20.7x19x19mm
                   Coaxial Cable: 100mm
Operating Frequency: 5.725-5.850GHz
Transmitter Power(EIRP): FCSRRC: <30dBm
Min.Latency(end-to-end): Low Latency Mode(72Op 120fps):
                                        High Quality Mode(720p 60fps):
Max.Transmission Distance: FCC/SRRC: 4km;CE: 0.7km
Video Format: MP4(Video format: H.264;
Audio format : AAC-LC)
I/0 Interface: USB-C,MMCX,3-in-1 port,
                     microSD card slot
Supported Flight control System: BetaFlight
Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 104F (0° to 40°C)
Input Power: 7.4-17.6V
Power Output: 25mW/20mW/500mW/700mW
Goggles: Compatible with DJI gogles

Sensor: 1/3.2”CMOS;
Effective Pixels: 4 M
Lens: 2.1mm,f/2.1
Shutter:Rolling shutter

Package Included:
Caddx air unit x 1
M2 scerw bag x 1
3-in-1 cable x 1
Coaxial-cable x 1
Antenna x 2

Caddx FPV Air Unit HD Digital Transmission
Caddx FPV Air Unit