T-Motor Fettec Alpha G4 (analog)

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8 pin


Want Fettec Alpha, but tired of fettec's production issues? What if the best electronics company in FPV, T-Motor was to start making Fettec Alpha Flight Controllers?  
Well, they did! It's here now, T Motor Fettec Alpha G4 (Analog)
(I'll update the pics to show the analog fc when i get some pics from T-Motor)
MCU: STM32G473
Gyro: IIM-42652
OSD: STM32G071 Analog OSD 
Firmware: Fettec Alpha
Weight: 6.67G
Input Voltage 3-6S
Board Size: 37*37*4.6mm
Mounting 30.5x30.5mm/M3 (including gummy)
Supports DShot2400
Pairs Perfectly with Tmotor's P60A DShot2400 ESC
Works great with Velox50A ESC too!