Uncle Curtis' Refresher by Dad's Elixir 500mg

Fly High FPV is teaming up with Uncle Curtis and Dad's Elixir

To bring the dopest edibles.  This is a slurpy shot of Strawberries, Watermelon, and concentrated happiness :)

They say to mix a little with a drink, but I've always sucked the sweetness right outta the tube, hahahaha.

These are big boy doses, start slurping small if you're not a daily dabber. 500 mg in a tube, we're going to the moon! (dosage recommendations on the bottle, dont take it from me, I'm on another planet)

This Item will be fulfilled directly by Uncle Curtis, and not Fly High FPV, I just love the product, and wanted them to be able to offer their goodies on my page. Don't blame me if you cant handle your shit ;)


Uncle Curtis also has new Gummies!

Delta 9 THC Gummies are the shit! Strawberry Watermelon Pyramids, 50mg each and 150MG per pack! These taste great, got me floating, andthey''re easy to divide if you want to start with a half or a quarter (I'll eat a whole one or two ;)



All of Uncle Curtis's products are fulfilled by Uncle Curtis, and not sold by Fly High FPV. The listings here, route straight through his site. These are hemp derived, which makes them legal in 50 states, and they are labeled to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and are federally legal in the United States!


Or if that's too much for ya, stick with the classic, and roll up some good medicine with the Official Rolling Papers of FPV






More of a Coffee person, not me, but here's a dope mug!

The Joshua Bardwell/Fly High FPV "You're Gonna Burn Something Today" Mug