Stay High Field Charging Pack 6S 15,000mAh 21700 Battery

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 The Stay High Field Charging Pack - "When you need to stay high all day"

 It's 6S and 15,000mAh, capable of delivering a continuous 30Amps. Weight is 1.3Kg.

This is the Field Charging Pack I've been dreaming of!  This can easily charge 12.5 of my 6S 1300mAh packs, but only weighs as much as 5.5 of those 1300 lipos, so you can charge more packs and carry less 👌

I was really tired of buying big Lipo packs for field charging.  The Li-Po chemistry (like our flight packs) is just the wrong chemistry for the job of Field Charging. We need Li-Ion batteries that are shelf stable so we can fill up a big bank of power and take from it without worry for how long it's going to sit full. It was ridiculous trying to maintain a big lipo, because it always had to be discharged, so it was never ready to go, unless I planned on it.  The worst part was the big Lipos ended up dropping cells after minimal usage 🤬 

 I'm an engineer and I know battery chemistry, and had been spot welding my own packs for when UpgradeEnergy showed me their DarkLithium Long Range 18650 and 21700 Li-ion packs I knew exactly what we needed them to make...thus the birth of the Stay High Field Charging Pack. 

I'm pairing mine with the ToolKitRC M6D, my goto Field Charger. I velcro mine right to the side of the Stay High Field Charging Pack.

It's safe operating range is 25.2v-16v, and recommend to recharge the Stay High Pack at 6Amps. 

It's even got a built in volt checker 👌

What's not built in? 🤣 There's no built in trashy regulators...not sure if you've seen these car battery sized packs that have wimpy 2-5amp supply limiting access to the juice.  Plus...who wants to carry a car battery into a bando? I've seen it done, and I always feel for the dude carrying it.



I'm also offering 3D Printed Bumpers for the battery.  Got your own printer? I'm Opensource AF, get the files here.


UpgradeEnergy is a US based battery manufacturer, built by and for the FPV community!

Here's the Warranty Information from UpgradeEnergy:

Every battery features a 100 charge cycle, 3 month manufacturer warranty from any manufacturing defects. If UpgradeEnergy determine that the battery was not destroyed from over discharge, overcharge, physical damage, or over heating, send in your battery for a free replacement at no cost to you.