The Transmitter is your control link to the quad. 

The Tango 2 is dedicated crossfire in a gamepad style controller. Refined and designed for FPV. Full sized gimbals in a light weight and ergonomic package.  They trimmed off all the fragile switches and replaced them with durable buttons and rockers, and removed the physical trim switches entirely.  The sticks fold and antenna fold down when not in use so you can safely carry it without the need for giant foam cases and gimbal guards and without all the extra junk hanging off the back.  If you want to upgrade it, there is a hidden port available, so you can add a module bay to support multi-protocol modules, Tracer, ELSRS, or any slim modules.

The Mambo is a full size transmitter dedicated to Tracer, but has a full size module bay in the back for Crossfire or other expansion modules. It follows durable design ques of the Tango 2 with the recessed arming switches and clean top profile, while keeping the switches and dials and knobs on the face of the radio, and sports a large display for programming. I was especially happy that it can be powered by one or 2 18650 cells, so you can quickly replace them and easily carry spares.