TBS Tango 2 Nostalgia Case - Clear Shell

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Clear Case for Tango 2 and Tango 2 Pro. Get that old school gameboy look, or open the shell up and paint the inside to customize your controller.


I recommend you grab the speaker to go with it. Your original case has a speaker, but the thing is glued in, and I've seen people destroying speakers trying to remove them.

Here's a quick tutorial I made when I did mine:






There are 2 versions of the case.  The old version for v1, v2, and first run v3, and has been discontinued.  I used to carry them, but TBS no longer offers. The gap for the screen in the old case is 25mm wide, the gap for the screen in the new case is 28mm wide. All cases are the new version for v3 Tango 2's. If you install your new case and the screen looks too small, reach out to TBS and ask if they can get you a newer screen to match the new case.