TBS Gimbals V2 Non-Folding for Tango 2 and Mambo

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Single Gimbal, order 2 to get a set.



Replacement V2 Gimbal for your Mambo or Tango 2 remote control.

The new gimbal has been a development long in the making. Collecting all customer feedback over the last 3 years, we managed to manufacture to tighter tolerances with stronger materials to produce a more accurate, better feeling and more robust gimbal while keeping the cost minimal.

If you are considering an upgrade from your existing Mambo or Tango 2, here is a list of all improvements / benefits:

  • Better reliability against temperature deformation
  • Polished, harder material for very smooth throttle feel
  • Metal lever for more accurate centering and extremes
  • Bigger control over throttle and pitch range
  • Minor design improvements to reduce manufacturing tolerances
  • Easier calibration despite the use of advanced 3D hall effect sensors

Combine with our gimbal lubricant for the ultimate in gimbal experience.