ThumbGrippies - Mini Mushrooms Stickends - Green M4

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Green - M4 for  RadioMaster TX16S, FRSky M7 M9 Horus X10 X12S, Taranis X9D Plus Special edition

(not compatible with Tango2, Mambo, DJI v1 (black), FrSky  QX7, RadioMaster Zorro, T12, and other M3 radios. )


Mini Mushrooms are the little brother of the Mushrooms, and are perfect for thumbers that are looking for a flatter top, but still want to be able to roll their thumbs around to the side at full deflection. These were designed for thumbers, but can be used for hybrid pinch as well.

17.1mm height | 17.9mm diameter.

Includes lock-nuts for height adjustability.

Sold in pairs.