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This is the frame I currently fly for freestyle, bando bashing, and cinematic mid-range. I prefer the DJI version of the frame for it's 3rd row of standoffs, and the little bit of extra room in the body. They've moved the FC stack forward leaving tons of room in the back for a big ass VTX (I rock the TBS Unify Pro32 HV, a full sized DJI air unit, or the new 03 Air Unit)

I no longer operate with replaceable arms because I find the unibody bottom plate eliminates all chances for slop in the arms, saves weight, and makes building inside of the frame a whole lot cleaner.

Armattan Warranty is the best in the game, they cover all the carbon fiber and titanium for life.  I went from breaking 17 arms in one year on the Rooster, to only breaking 3 in a year with the Marmotte. Huge improvement in durability and design.

 Not to mention the dope camera cage on this bad boy (and on the Badger, which is the same frame with replaceable arms). The Titanium cage locks the FPV camera and the GoPro at the same angle. So if you want to carefully fly down hallways at 20 degrees and then go outside and do matty's and trippy spins at 35, the cage supports both, and you wont have to swap your GoPro mount.

Looking for 3D prints for this frame? I make them all and I've spent alot of time developing them. Check em out here:

If you'd like 3D prints, please leave a note telling me the color. 

If ordering a print set, I need to know if you're using a DJI air Unit, Caddx, Vista, or Analog, and if you need a mount for an Immortal T, Tracer Dual mini T, or ELRS Mini T. 

If ordering a GoPro/Action Camera Mount I need to know your camera model (I support all GoPros, DJI Cameras, Runcams, Insta360 cameras, and Caddx action cameras).  I need to know if you want your camera case to be minimalist/Rugged/Skull, and if you would like a slot for an ND filter, like TBS JelloGuard.


Marmotte Specs

Frame Weight approx 115 grams
Motor to Motor 236mm
Frame Shape Compressed X 
Main Plate Thickness 4mm


Steel Bolts
Titanium Cage
Aluminum Standoffs                 
              Motor Mount Pattern 22xx
FC Stack Mount

20mm and 30.5mm compatible

FPV Camera Mount Mini-camera (21mm)
FPV Antenna Mounts Rubber antenna routing grommets
Max Stack Height 20mm 
Warrantied Parts All
Recommended Components
Motor Size 2306
ESCs 30a
Prop Size Up to 5.5"
LiPo 4-5S/1500mAh

Marmotte DJI Edition

Armattan's most advanced design execution to date

The Armattan Marmotte is the culmination of everything that was learned during the design process of all the previous flagship multi-rotors by Armattan. While you may see things that look familiar, nothing is the same. It's way, way better.


DJI Adaptation 

Finding a way to simply fit the DJI technology inside a marmotte was not something we were too keen about. For one the Marmotte has no provisions for antenna management, and more importantly the FOV on the DJI cam would have propellers in view of the HD feed and recording. Surely, we could do better than that. 


The DJI Marmotte is adapted to meet all of the above. We modified the lipo top plate, and created custom moulded rubber parts to manage the DJI antennas. We changed the front camera position to remove props from view of the HD feed, and we also made custom 2 sided 3M foams to mount the DJI Air Unit with ease while providing better impact protection. The result is a Marmotte that appears to have been designed around the DJI technology with all the goodness of Armattan's latest flagship release. 


The Cage

When you examine the front-end of the Marmotte, you can immediately see the time and care that went into designing this masterpiece. For starters, the cage maintains an entirely Titanium build to protect your camera. A mini-camera, this time, because who uses a full HS1177-sized camera anymore? Within that are a pair of 1mm aluminum fpv-camera savers. On the off chance that a branch snakes in and wants to crack your lens or case, these are meant to bend first. And if they do get pushed out of place they'll be easier to bend back than your camera is.

Up next is the independent HD-cam angle. That's right, we've brought back the ability to tilt your HD Camera (and the onboard FPV camera) at will. That means you can easily capture some backwards, upside-down flying just like your favorite pilots. The cage braces are crafted from a 10mm titanium block using 6-axis milling specifically so that the bolts that lock in the camera tilt will be easily accessible from any angle. And even better, the milling allows us to fine tune the location and amount of strength that we want; shaving unnecessary grams. 

Lastly, we took care not to leave any pilot out. We've lowered the stabilization standoff in the cage to ensure that your camera can get down to minimal tilt for you LR or proximity pilots out there. Think 10 degrees or so. And having HD Cam tilt means you won't have to cut a foam wedge raise the rear, either.

The Whole Package

And the rest of the frame? We've left nothing out. As you've come to expect, an extended-aluminum rear provides a protected tail, the raised lips on the front and rear metal help keep you from damaging that beautiful carbon. Not only is the frame 5.5 inch prop compatible, but the longer body means you can more easily fit an HD camera and a bigger lipo, even at higher tilt. The FC can mount up on either the 30.5mm or 20mm options.  

So right about now you might be wondering what toll of all these upgrades is. Never fear: even with the, longer body, and the front end, this frame comes in 10g lighter than the Rooster. Don't tell us that we're weighing you down.

The WarrantyArmattan Warranty Logo

Do we even have to say it this time? It's an Armattan flagship, so you know the deal. There's a full warranty on all Carbon Fiber and metal pieces. Bumper to bumper. Top to bottom. Tip to tail. 

Important note:
Company policy allows converting a Marmotte DJI Edition to Badger DJI Edition but not the other way around.



2x Camera-cage braces
2x Camera-cage anchors

6x 4mm M3 iron bolts
14x 6mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
10x 8mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
4x 16mm M3 iron bolts 
6x M2 5mm cuphead iron bolts

1x 23mm front standoff
2x 20mm black standoffs
2x tail posts
2x camera savers

4x 6mm M3 standoffs
4x M3 nut
6x M2 washer

Carbon Fiber:
1x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate 
1x 1.5mm HD Cam plate
1x 4mm Main plate

1x Lipo strap

1x LiPo foam pad
1x HD camera foam pad
4x Dog-bone landing pads
2x Rubber antenna grommets
1x Antenna mount
1x Diamond coated steel file