Insta360Go Bases (Mini Quad Mounts)

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Custom Base Plates made for your full size Mini Quad 

Insta360 go bases for full size drones are $10 and the matching cases are only $5 ($5 for micro baseplates - drones smaller than 3")

I have them for smaller whoops and micro quads too, listed under Micro Mounts

Shoot me a message if you need one something custom, I can put your name or vector logo right on the case, modify it anyway you want for a little design time. 

The mounts can be made in a variety of Sizes: Insta360go loops, GoPro sized loops, and the tiny SMO 4k loop too. (Warning, your micro might not be able to lift a GoPro, unless it's naked...why yes, I make Naked GoPro and SMO4K cases too!)