Events, Meetups, and Good Times!

I've been asked to keep up with a list of FPV Events, so we can have a list where they are all listed, so if you're throwing a meetup and you want people to come, let me know and I'll put it on this Events Page!





August 17-20 West Coast Throwdown - Roseburg OR - $155 Pilot Pass



August 19th Ken Heron's Mindfield Meetup, Brownsville TN - Free - Sponsor and Attending



Sept 1-4 Castle Crash 2.0 Trenton, South Carolina $50 Pilot Pass - Sponsor and Supporter


 Sept 17-18 UAS Roundup, Buena Vista, CO $125

Sept 28 - Oct 1st - Feat Meat, Stephentown, NY $85 Pilot Pass - Sponsor


Late Jan 2024 - The Rippies - FPV Awards Ceremony - Atlanta, GA - Sponsor and Attendee