Events, Meetups, and Good Times!

I've been asked to keep up with a list of FPV Events, so we can have a list where they are all listed, so if you're throwing a meetup and you want people to come, let me know and I'll put it on this Events Page!



Jan 26th 2024 - The Rippies - FpTV Awards Ceremony - Atlanta, GA - Sponsor and Attendee

Voting is live on Discord Now!

13 Categories, anyone can enter and win! There are tons of prizes, including my LED's and Rolling Papers


Long Range

FPV Dive

Single Freestyle Pack

FPV Chase





Radical Videos

Night Rip


Video of the Year

Tune into the FPTV Live Stream Every Friday Night on YouTube, the Late Show, after Botgrinder!


Jan 27th East Pay FPV Wild Spec Race in Oakland, CA


Feb 17th East Bay FPV Grill & Chill - Oakland, CA


St QuadTricks Day Weekend , California,  Sponsor

2nd Annual St QuadTricks Day Drone Festival


Fpv drone festival featuring 

freestyle comepetition 

Food vendors

Fpv gear

& prizes!

All ages 7+

Spectators $5

Junior pilots $10

Adult pilots $20

Alameda naval air base


 ◦ 3 -heat freestyle competition best heat counts. 10card x5 judging system. 2min submission with “bonus objectives”

 ◦ Game of Drone 

 ◦ Obstacle course 

 ◦ Drone limbo

 ◦ Drone combat




We Bleed Northeast Whoop championship - March 15-17th 2024 - $65 Pilot Pass

4/20 in Denver! Tiny Whoop Open 2 - SOLD OUT!

Rampage 2024 - May 20-21 Barnwell South Carolina $300-850


Jun 22/23 Beast of the East - Escape from the Asylum - NY - Sponsor




West Coast Throwdown - June 27 - 30, 2024 - $165


MultiGP International Open IO July 2024, Muncie Indiana - Sponsor, Vendor, and Attending


(last year's banner ;)

August 2024 Ken Heron's Mindfield Meetup, Brownsville TN - Free - Sponsor and Attending



Aug 28-Sept 2 2024  Castle Crash 3 Trenton, South Carolina  - Sponsor, Vendor and Supporter




BotGrinder Meetup - TBD - FREE



Birmingham BandHoes - Meetups Most Weekends, all over the Dirty South, focused in Alabama - FREE - Reach out on Instagram and I'll add you to my group @FlyHighFPV