Events, Meetups, and Good Times!

Here's my list of FPV Events, so we can have a list where they are all listed, so if you're throwing a meetup and you want people to come, let me know and I'll put it on this Events Page!








West Coast Throwdown - June 27 - 30, 2024 - $165


MultiGP International Open IO June 12-16, Muncie Indiana (no Freestyle flight line this year =(



FPV Palooza

QuadMafia's FPV Palooza July 19-21 in Chicago, Wing Park, Sponsor, Attending, Bringing the store, $20




August 24-25 Ken Heron's Mindfield Meetup, Brownsville TN - Free - Sponsor and Attending



Castle Crash 3D Aug 30-Sept 2 2024  Castle Crash 3 Trenton, South Carolina  - Sponsor, Vendor and Supporter


Team Drone Adventures - BBQ Bando - TBD 



BotGrinder Meetup - TBD - FREE



Birmingham BandHoes - Meetups Most Weekends, all over the Dirty South, focused in Alabama - FREE - Reach out on Instagram and I'll add you to my group @FlyHighFPV