2.5" Universal Ducts

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Universal 2.5" Ducts printed in Nylon

These were made to go on EMax's TinyHawk Freestyle 2, but they are universal. They provide both a 3 and 4 hole motor mount pattern.

I threw them hard as I can at the concrete. They bounced over my head, and withstood multiple full force blows.

These are made with Taulman 910 Nylon. It's one of the most resilient plastics on the planet, outclassing brittle PLA, and PLA+ and even tougher than PETG and ABS. I'm not saying you cant break em (FPV pilots will find a way 💪) but they're beastly. I have to heat the stuff up to 518F degrees to make them this tough 🔥🔥


The Nylon comes in Black or White, and I can dye the white nylon for an additional $15. (please leave a note in the checkout)

3" and 5" versions coming soon.

$29 a set (Black or Natural Clear), $34 for dyed.

Durability Tests: