DJI LED Strip Kit - Self Adhesive super Bright LED Kit + Battery

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DJI Pilots want Kits so they can easily apply LED strips to their GPS / Camera I made a 12 kit that comes with a battery, a battery tray, and a strip of LED's all prewired and ready to go. Just peel off the backing and use the attached 3M adhesive to stick the strip onto your drone. You can use zipties for additional security.


Less than 20grams all up weight.

Here's a tutorial worth checking out before you install them ;)

It comes with a genuine Duracell A23 battery to get you started!

These aren't just for DJI drones, you can put them on just about anything...your electric skateboard, OneWheel, Scooter, car, motorcycle, truck, kite, helmet, safety vest, wings...well those are where I've seen them stuck, where are you gonna put them?


Here's what Ken Heron did with them:

Need 6S or 3-4S strips without the kit? I've got those too, in the Electronics/LED section!