Hota D6 Pro Charger - 2 Way 6S 200Watt AC 650Watt DC - Green

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This is the old king of home chargers. Highest Quality, Dual Channel smart charger wityh built in AC power supply...even has a wireless charging pad for your phone and USB ports.

You can run this at home off the  built in AC power supply, but you can also carry it in backpack and charge off a Stay High Field Charging Pack that's light weight and fits in my bag. The interface is quick and easy to use, and the airflow is well designed to keep the unit cool.

It's so convenient to be able to charge all the flight packs in a hurry, but also be able to charge the goggle battery, transmitter, and my cell phone.

--Fly High FPV


Official Sales Blurb:

The HOTA range of charger/dischargers is quickly becoming renowned for their quality, reliability, and numerous great features. This amazing 1000W 4-channel charger/discharger can charge 4 x 1~6S LiPo and batteries at up to 4 x 250W, or you can combine 2 outputs together to achieve up to 500W. It offers loads of protection to safeguard against damaging itself or your battery packs such as temperature protection, over-voltage, over-current, input and output reverse protection, short circuit protection, and much more (see the attached manual for the full list). It utilizes a highly optimized algorithm for charging management, and its advanced circuit design offers a 94% operating efficiency.

It features a simple system for programming, there is a channel switch key for selecting which channel you wish to program and a speed shuttle key for all the other programming selections. This speed shuttle key is pressed to enter the task, scrolled to adjust the task, then pressed again to enter the task, all very straightforward and simple. It also has a 2.8" (320x240) 260000 colors IPS display which makes the whole user experience a very easy and simple affair. A unique feature of this charger is that it recycles the discharge power when being used to discharge a battery. This regenerative discharge takes most of the output battery's energy and puts it back into the input battery in a balanced, environmentally friendly way.

The HOTA F6 has numerous ports, on the input side, there is a standard XT60 DC port for the input power of 10.5~30V DC. Then on the output side, there is a multi-function port, 4 x XT60 output ports, 4 x 6S balance ports, dual 5V (type A) USB port, and a Type-C interface for firmware updates. The multi-function port has a Futaba/JR style connector which can be used as a servo tester for testing your servos or for testing the output of your receiver and transmitter.

Overall this is a fantastic, user-friendly 4-channel charger/discharger that will charge or discharge 4 batteries simultaneously, or you can combine 2 outputs for even greater charging power. It is suitable for LiHV, LiPo, LiFe, LiLon, Lixx, NiZn, NiCd, NiMH, Pb, and Eneloop batteries and each port can charge/discharge different chemistry batteries at the same time. All this can be done in your workshop if you have a suitable power supply or out in the field when connected to a DC battery source.

• Amazing power to size ratio
• Can charge/discharge 4 batteries simultaneously
• Fully protected with SCP, OLP, OVP, OTP, and OCP
• Simple channel select key and shuttle key programming
• 2 outputs can be combined for up to 500W charging power
• Sunlight readable 2.8" IPS display
• Built-in micro USB for firmware updates

Input Voltage: DC 10.5~30V
Charge Current: 4 x 0.1~15A
Charge Power: 4 x 250W (required input voltage: 23V)
Combined Charge Power: 2 x 500W (required input voltage: 23V)
Internal Discharge Power: 4 x 12W (balance port 4 x 6W)
Regenerative Discharge Power: 4 x 250W
Regenerative Discharge Current: 4 x 0.1~15A
Lithium Battery Types: LiHv/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/Lixx: 1~6S
Nickel Battery Types: NiZn/NiCd/NiMH: 1~14S
Smart Battery: 1~6S
Lead Acid (Pb) Battery: 1~12S: 2~24V
Enelop Battery: 1~14S
Balance Current: 4 x 1000mA
Discharge Current: 4 x 0.1~3A
Micro (type C) USB Output: 5V/2.1A
Std (type A) USB Output: Max 45W
Screen Size: 2.8" IPS 320x240 260,000 colors (sunlight readable)
Dimensions: 115x121x46mm
Net Weight: 475g