Kevlar Fast as Fuck Lipo Strap for 5" quads 250mm

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New Fas as Fuck Woven Kevlar Straps 💪 

Check this out:

The only strap I'll ever buy again...Kevlar. These are thin enough to go in the slots in your frames, but strong enough to take the abuse without shredding like the cheap freebie straps.

I recommend you get 2 for each quad, to hold that lipo snug.

I personally have gone through hundreds of straps trying to find perfection. I tried kevlar with rubber in them, and they we're too thick for most frames, and also the rubber cracked and tore up in a couple of months. I got a pair of these Kevlar straps from OAS Hobby over 3 years ago, and I still fly with them on my quad every day (recently retired, RIP 3/17/19-5/11/22). anything that can survive 3 years of abuse in my hands has stood the test of time!

That's what inspired me to have these created. It was kind of ridiculously expensive spinning up a factory for a thousand straps, but I knew that these were exactly what I wanted to have for you... and now I've done it a again, and we're getting the full Kevlar Weave treatment!

The straps are 250mm long, made of kevlar, and have a solid steel buckle.