Adjustable Locking GoPro Mounts + Bases

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These are adjustable GoPro mounts, that lock in place. If you're tired of using universal GoPro loops, that go limp every time you bump into something, these lock in place with 2 bolts to hold the camera steady.


It adjusts to 4 positions with angles from 0 to 32 degrees.

I sell the GoPro Cases and the drone baseplates separately or as a set, and include the 2 bolts with every pair.


Alot of my customers like to purchase a baseplate for every drone, and a case for every camera, and then everything is interchangeable, like the original GoPro loops, but they wont go limp.

Cases can be done in 3 styles, Minimalist, Rugged, or Skull (extra beefy)


Here's a video explaining how they work (it shows the original v1 design, these are all v2, which features 3 rungs on the case for better stability)