ArmGuards/Skidz - 3"+ Quads

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These protect your carbon fiber, and allow you to skid in on your belly (top mount quads) without damaging your screws or bottom plate.


They are printed in thicc, hard TPU that works great on concrete.


Ive been making new skidz for quads with a channel inside the skid to protect your LED strips 👍  ive currently designed them for the Armattan Marmotte,  Badger, Rooster, and Chameleon,  plus the ImpulseRc Apex 5" and 6" varieties, and Botgrinder's Demibot and Grinderino, Joshua Bardwell's QAV-S, PiratFrames Punch and Shorty.  If your frame isnt on the list, I can design LED Track Skidz for you too, but I will invoice you for an additional $15 in design time to create them 👌