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Fly High FPV LED Strips


See your drone from miles away! Customize your drone with insanely bright colors! Please the crowd with with your own drone light show!  Make chasing easy when your whole squad is lit! Let the drift track drivers know which pilot they need to come pay to get that sick footage!


These flexible COB LED strips can be wired straight to battery voltage!  They can be cut and joined every 5cm. They come in 1Meter and 5meter rolls.

There are now 3 voltage options available:

6S-8S 4mm wide (for 5S use the 6S Strips, but depending on the color, it may be completely off when your lipo hits 3.5vper cell)

3-4S 2.7mm wide

5v 2.7mm wide

Chose Red, Blue, Ice Blue (lighter), Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and White. 

There's a 1 in 5 chance that your strip will come pre-soldered with a wire, I prefer to DIY with a silicone jacketed motor wire, a dab of conformal coating, and a centimeter of heatshrink tubing. 





Strip Width Working Voltage Range
Consumption Tests
6S-8S Strips 4mm 20-34volts Voltage Amp Draw (1M) Amp Draw (5M)
25.2v 0.2Amps
3-4S Strips 2.7mm 8-18volts 12.2v 0.2Amps
16.8v 0.4Amps
5V Strips 2.7mm 2.1-7volts 3.5v 0.5Amps 0.85Amps
4.2v 0.8Amps 1.2Amps
5v 1.2Amps 1.85Amps
7v 2.0Amps
1Meter 5Meters



6S Strip Voltage Ranges
First Lights Extremely Bright Max voltage
Green 15v 20v Tested up to 34v
Blue 20v 21v Tested up to 34v
Ice Blue 15v 20v Tested up to 34v
Yellow 15v 20v Tested up to 34v
Orange 20v 21v Tested up to 34v
Pink 20v 21v Tested up to 34v
White 15v 20v Tested up to 34v
Red 15v 20v Tested up to 34v
Purple 15v 20v Tested up to 34v


 Here's a quick tutorial:



How to Butt Splice and Repair LED Strips:

 Be careful not to bend the strips aggressively, they do not like to go around 90 degree corners. If you bend them too much, you may kill one 5cm section, and yet voltage will still pass through the rails to the next section. You can use the tutorial above to butt splice and repair any dead sections! (thanks Bull Shannon FPV!!!)

Here's what Joshua Bardwell and ItsBlunty had to say:


Here's what Shelby Voll does with my LED's:

Shelby is flying the Heewing T-1 Ranger with 5Meters of single color LED's here, with the Crew (filmed and edited by Michael Scott Rue). He's also recently developed a new SPEC-wing with RiteWing called the VollStyle that has channels precut for my LED strips, for easy installation.


If you're having trouble choosing a single color, just grab my RGB LED strips HERE!