RGB LED Strips 2812/5050 WaterProof - 10mm 12V

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These are the newest LED's from FlyHigh, these are traditional 2812/5050 SMD strips, 10mm wide, and run on 12v. These are fully addressable, so that each circuit can be list up a different color, resulting in hundreds of pattern possibilities.


 I designed these for use with a BlueTooth Controller.

 I've also got standalone controllers that work with BlueTooth, so you can control them with an app on your cell phone (Download: LED Hue from your app store). so you can setup your own custom patterns, rainbows, gradual, pulsing, or strobes, or tune the lights to music or your microphone or even match visualizations with your camera. These Bluetooth drivers chips can be decased and soldered up so they are reliable, waterproofable.




Strips can be cut and segmented every 5cm




3M adhesive Backing




IP65 Dust and Water Protection








RGB Strip Voltage Range is 8v to 23v (the controllers do NOT like 6S)




Draws 1.2amps at 12v




WiFi/BlueTooth controller can handle roughly 4x 5Meter strips








You only need 3 wires to hook these up: 12v, GND, and LED. The 2 extra power leads are only needed if you daisy chain more than 5meters in a single run. Using the extra power leads you can run 100meters in a single chain.



 You wont need the CLK wire with these controllers, disregard it.