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  • VIFLY Finder 2

    It's me, FlyHigh...I personally use these buzzers in ever single quad I build. After loosing a drone deep in a forest, I swore I'd never lose another #NoQuadsLeftBehind

    These buzzers are loud as hell, and they have a strobe light. As soon as your battery disconnects they start beeping to let you know it's armed. 1 minute later it's gonna get loud as hell and start flashing the strobe light to make locating your drone easy.  

    To Disarm simply plug in your battery for 3 seconds and disconnect, you'll here 3 tones to confirm you disabled the buzzer.


    Since then, I've tried HellGate, JEH, and ViFly, and I just keep coming back to ViFly.  The JEH doesnt let you reconnect-disconnect to automatically disarm the battery, forcing you to dig in and push the button every time you fly...

    Below is the marketing from ViFly's website ;)



    1. Weighs only 2.7g, perfect battery powered drone buzzer for compact build and small drones.

    2. The loudest buzzer can be found in this tiny size, the volume can be up to 100dB.
    Alarm manually with your radio or beep automatically when the quad battery ejected.

    3. Two ways to disarm the buzzer, via the button on the buzzer or plug-in-out the quad battery.

    4. Be compatible with FPV racing drone and fixed-wing quad.


    Weight    2.7g
    Size   19x11x12 mm
    Volume  Up to 100 dB
    Working Time   Up to 7 hours
    Battery 40mAh LiPo
    Light Sensor  No
    Applicable models  Compact Size Build