Black Friday / FlyDay - All Month Long


You can fly everyday, no reason to limit yourself to Black Friday, it's Black FlyDay all the way till the end of the year!


Buy any of these products and use the coupon Code FlyDay to see the discount in your cart! the more you add the more you save!

 Ethix Backpacks on Sale!

Ethix Backpacks!


DJI Gear On Sale!

T-Shirts on Sale! 

Check Out the Massive T-Motor Sale:


Stacks and FC's and Motors oh My! Plug in the code FlyDay to unlock more discounts!


F60 2207.5 1750KV 1950KV and 2020KV

F90 2806.5 1300KV

Cine66 2812 1155KV

T-Motor FC's and Stacks:


Fettec Alpha G4HD 

DShot2400 P60Amp ESC for Fettec Alpha or BetaFlight

F7 F55A HD Stack

F7 Pro HD FC




F411 v45a Stack - only $75

F7 HD Mini F45A


Team Black Sheep - Analog Gear:

Use the Code FlyDay to save on analog gear!

TBS Fusion VRX


TBS Pro 32 HV 1000mw VTX

TBS Unify Pro Nano

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 v3 800mw

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV 800mw


Digital Video


DJI OG Air Unit


Caddx Vista with Nebula Pro


DJI 03 Air Unit


DJI 03 Camera


Caddx Nebula Pro Camera


Caddx Polar Pro Camera 



TBS Crossfire and Tracer Transmitters and Receivers!


Tango 2 Pro!


TBS Mambo


CnC Gimbals for Tango 2 or Mambo

CrossFire NanoRX with Immortal T


Crossfire NanoRX Pro with 400mw telemetry power

Tracer DiversityRX with Dual Mini T's


Tracer NanoTX 1000Mw 2.4Ghz





TBS Crossfire MicroTX2 1000Mw 900Mhz


TBS Crossfire Lite 2000mw 900Mhz


ELRS and RadioMaster!

Boxer ELRS Black or Clear

AG01 CNC Metal Gimbals for Boxer and TX16s


ELRS Ranger 1000mw MicroTX


ELRS Ranger 1000mw NanoTX


 TrueRC Antennas on Sale!

And VAS and Foxeer Lollipops:


The Best Analog Camera - Foxeer T-Rex


 The Best frames in FPV are also on sale: The Apex, Apex EVO and Apex DC, plus the Armattan Marmotte.

Armattan Marmotte DJI Edition

All of these frames have a warranty that covers broken bits due to concrete and more. (Armattan covered me when I got shot out of a tree!) It's a life time warranty, as many times as you can break it, they've got you covered!

Apex OG

Apex HD




Apex EVO for 03


Apex EVO DC for 03


ApexLR 7





 Toolkits on Sale Too! Use Code FlyDay


You know I know a good FlyDay, and I've been chasing annual battery sales for years, so I'm kicking off the month of November with battery deals and keeping them going through the end of the year!

Lipos on Sale! - Use the Coupon codes!

CNHL Green 6S 1300


CNHL Green 6S 1100



CNHL Black 6S 1100


CNHL Green 4S 1500

CNHL Black 4S 1500



 NoQuadsLeftBehind - Get The ViFly buzzers Here


Get Charged Up

Use Code FlyDay

Stay High Field Charging Packs 6S 15,000mAh

Hota F6 4 Way DC Charger


Hota F6+ 4 Way 500w AC/ 1000w DC Charger

Hota D6 Pro 2 Way AC/DC 

Hota 240Watt PSU

The more you stack in the cart, the more you save!